Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Staying on top of the game...

I have never thought of myself as much of a salesperson. In fact, I have always been quite shy and have struggled with anxiety and lack of assertiveness. Watching other salespeople in action though, has always sort of inspired me- for some reason. Honestly, I've never thought of sales, or anything of that manor, to be any sort of a calling for me... I'm a science nerd at heart. That is what fascinates me! That and math... I have always enjoyed a good mathematical challenge.
So, maybe th
at's it! Maybe that is the magic behind it that has drawn me in. The challenge! I do love problem solving; I love to sit and "think of a better way" or just ponder ideas to stay on top of the game.
I'm full of ideas. Sometimes that darn shyness though... it puts a damper on the ideas. If only I were brave and courageous! You know, a real go-getter.
Then I could really be something. If only I were dynamic... and charismatic.... nearly bursting at the seams with knowledge and just as smooth and charming as can be. If only....
Sometimes thoughts like those pop into my head too- tainting the wonderful ideas. I think that's what keeps me from staying on top of the game. Those thoughts- focusing on what I am not or what I should be- are poison to success, I guess. But how do I put those thoughts aside? How do I tell the anxiety that I want nothing more to do with it?
I suppose most people who are so fresh to the sales world experience similar frustrations- or maybe not. Maybe everyone else out there doing this has an in-born burning drive and sparkling personality that makes them effortlessly "kill it" in the sales world. Maybe. But I doubt it.
Perseverance. I think that's the answer... but of course behind prayer. I think that I just have to let go and trust that it will all fall into place. I think that I've got to continue in my research and preparation- persevere. I think I have to be so convincing that I actually convince myself that I will "kill it"... one day.
With all tears and negative thoughts aside, I am going to press on- persevere. I am going to stay on top of this game.

*cue the victory music*

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