Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Isn't snow lovely? Lying down, watching the snow fall outside the window- curled up next to a toasty fire.. crackling and popping. It is so peaceful, if you can find the time to sit and enjoy the the way the soft fluffy snow gracefully rests upon the pine tree branches... or the glistening icicles that hang from the branches or porch coverings.
The beauty spoken of is something to behold. That is, if you are curled up in your toasty abode.
But when inches of ice cover everything and thousands and thousands of locals are without power, it becomes a little less beautiful.
Life as we know it stops. Sturdy boots and lots of blankets must be kept close. Businesses, schools and the like take a break from life, as we know it.
Rescue workers no longer know how to handle the cries that are made.

State of emergency they say.
Couch surfing has become a temporary luxury.

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