Friday, February 20, 2009

To solve or not to solve... that is the question

I realized recently that all problems don't need to be solved. Now, don't get me wrong... a lot of things definitely need to be dealt with- deep marital issues, finances, parenting issues, etcetera. But the process of trying to solve everything, rather than just forgiving and letting go and letting yourself be forgiven, can cause you to fall into a painfully endless spiral of negativity and life sucking drama.

Before I came to this realization, I thought that things said during tough times would leave deep scars and would change everything (and sometimes they will- if you let them). I also thought that every little detail needed to be ironed out and explanations and corrections where a must if the situation were to ever lie peacefully again. I do think that trying to clarify things can definitely shed light but if your efforts are sucking the zeal from from your life and nothing but new problems and hurtful words are sprouting, then I would recommend learning from my mistakes and taking this advice:

Drop your problems at the feet of the Lord. Trust that he will get you through this rough patch and just forgive and let go. Also, you've got to let yourself be forgiven ::: apologize, stop explaining and correcting, and just let it all go.

Letting things go is definitely the hardest part... especially for us stubborn folk!
But, only through this will things get back to that wonderfully peacefully happy place.

And it's kind of funny how things happen when you let the Lord take control. It is never
quite how you want or would expect it to happen, but most often it is far better!
In this situation I thought that a deep friendship with this person was an ancient dream of the past, never to resurface again. But through the Lord placing situations and opportunities at our feet, our friendship is not only renewed but deeper than ever!
It is funny to sit back after a situation is resolved and realize that you have caught a tiny glimpse at the Lord's plan for your life. He knew that the hard times would give our friendship what it's been needing for some time and all of this would force us to evaluate some areas of our lives that needed some revamping.
Thank you Lord! You are always there for me...

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