Friday, February 27, 2009

Beyond My Old Country Home

I certainly would love to travel abroad. I think exposing yourself to other cultures and art broadens the realm of thought. If our entire lives are lived in the same city, or round a bout, and our thoughts lie only in our circle of friends, local happenings or the next episode of American Idol or Lost, then chances are our minds will be very closed and deprived.

If we do not expose ourselves to other cultures, geographical locations and art then our brains and thoughts will never reach their God given capacity. We have to see, taste, smell and feel what the Lord has given us.

I know I don't know it all... and I certainly don't have all the answers. In fact, I would be willing to admit that I am very young spiritually and know that I still have quite a way to go... but, I think at the same time that my ideas are pretty practical. I would say I am a fairly bright girl and I do know that without art appreciation and education involving that of culture and the world, our thoughts are limited.

If we never see or learn what is out there... what God has given us and what gifts He has given other people, through ignorance, our thoughts will stay in a cozy little comfort zone.
I don't want to be confined to my old country home.
I want to see the world... I want to eat the foods, meet the people, learn the arts and appreciate what all the Lord has given us.

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